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How much do you charge to remove bad listings on my credit file?

It is too hard to tell you unless we see your credit file and what we are dealing with. Once we see your credit file, we can then give you a quote on what we will charge to remove negative listing/s and repair your credit file.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

YES! If we are not successful in removing a negative listing, we offer a money back guarantee!

Why is my credit file so important?

It is important because if you want to apply for a phone, a credit card or any type of loan, the company who you have applied to will do a credit check. Most of the time, it is a computer that assesses the application. As soon as the computer determines that you have a negative listing on your credit file, it will decline the application.

In this day and age, most companies and banks will do a credit check before they give you any services or products and if you have a negative listing it is obvious that they will not approve you!

If I have a bad debt that is listed on my credit file, should I pay for it?

In some cases yes, but don’t pay for it before you speak to us. The companies and financial institutions would like you to believe that if you pay for the debt that it will be much better for you on your credit file. They will tell you that once you have paid, they will list paid next to the debt.

Having “Paid” next to the debt is not much better than not having it. The goal is to have the negative listing totally removed! The company/financial institution that has done the negative listing will tell you that they cannot remove it for all sorts of reasons and they can only put “Paid” next to it. This is a lie and if we help you, we will ensure that if you pay any money off on a debt that it will be removed.

How do I get a copy of my credit file?

You can either go directly to Veda Advantage yourself or we can help you get it.

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